Sterling Athletics

Sterling Athletics ST47375RFP11 Club Fastpitch Game Leather Softball (11″)


The preferred game ball for youth club teams. Elite Optic Yellow Leather™ cover offers maximum brightness, long-lasting durability and residual tact to prevent slipping on release . CoreStick™ keeps leather cover tight to the core eliminating wrinkles and impurities. Precision blended Polycore (polyurethane inner center/core) to reduce bat damage and bat vibration “sting” on contact. Elevated Superior Seam Technology™ (ESST) features 15% higher raised seams for advanced grip (red laces). C.O.R.: .47, Compression: 375 lbs. max. Minimum 1 dozen quantity order (sold by dozen).


  • Size: 11"
  • Cover: Elite Optic Yellow Leather™
  • Core: Precision Polycore
  • C.O.R.: .47
  • Compression: 375 lbs. max 
  • Indoor/Outdoor All Weather Conditions
  • Sold by the Dozen

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