Sterling Athletics

Sterling Athletics MC1000 Fastpitch Game Leather Softball (NCAA Specifications)


The Sterling MC1000 Game Leather Softball is the preferred game ball for college programs. Mike Candrea, the head coach at the University of Arizona, assisted with the creation of this innovative softball. Our main goal was to enlarge each athlete by providing a softball that has incredible feel, grip and longevity. The Elite Optic Yellow Leather™ cover offers maximum brightness, long-lasting durability and residual tact to prevent slipping on release. CoreStick™ keeps leather cover tight to the core eliminating wrinkles and impurities. Precision blended Polycore (polyurethane inner center/core) to reduce bat damage and bat vibration “sting” on contact. Elevated Superior Seam Technology™ (ESST) features 15% higher raised seams for advanced grip (red laces). C.O.R.: .47, Compression: 400 lbs. Max (NCAA specifications).


  • Size: 12"
  • Cover: Elite Optic Yellow Leather™
  • Core: Precision Polycore
  • C.O.R.: .47
  • Compression: 400 lbs. max 
  • Indoor/Outdoor All Weather Conditions
  • Sold by the Dozen

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